Chris and Mel | Preston Peak Winery | Toowoomba Wedding Photography

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Amidst the drama that was event planning in 2021, Chris and Mel had all sorts of drama thrown at them, but pulled off a perfect wedding day at Preston Peak Wines

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is hearing the stories from friends and family about the couple. How they met, the hiccups of getting to the wedding day, and few embarrassing teenage tales, but all delivered with love. And being there to record the day with both photo and video, means we caught everyone of those fantastic stories.

We definitely had the dream team there for Chris and Mel, Tyneale Hahn with all things MakeUp, Sarah Courtney making sure the hair was kept in check, Paul Voge on the mic giving us plenty of tears and smiles too, and of course the always spectacular Preston Peak Wines.