Cameron and Louise | Branell Homestead | Brisbane Wedding Photography

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Staying hydrated was the key today! I don’t think i’ve ever sweated so much while photographing a wedding. But Cam and Lou soldiered on, and braved the heat. With a quick escape in to the homestead every now and then to soak up the air con. You probably noticed that arbor while scrolling through the photos. Cameron made that totally himself, from design and planning through to construction. I think he even drove the tractor to move it in to position, coz it was definitely heavy.

A special shoutout to the team at Branell. We live streamed the event so that guests who couldnt be there in person could still be part of the fun. Only issue was, being such a hot day the cameras and laptop would have overheated for sure so one of the Branell team was on umbrella duty to shade all the live streaming equipment. The live streamed would not have been possible without them!