Tyson and Leandi

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Salt Studios | Reflections at Cooby Dam Wedding Photography

A spectacular day from start to finish at the wonderful Reflections at Cooby Dam. Lee and Tyson, surrounded by their nearest friends and family, brought so much heart to a beautiful day!

I have known these guys for a few years and loved watching how special it was for their kids to be a part of the wedding of their parents – one of my favourite parts of being along for someone’s wedding day is all the unique details that characterise it for their occasion. It’s all the personal details like Tyson with his motorbike, Leandi’s bridesmaids were her sisters and as an added crescendo to the day, Tyson surprised Lee with fireworks.

The celebrant, Jamie (from Laneway Collective Co) is an expert storyteller and it was such a beautiful moment hearing his interpretation of Lee and Tyson’s story.

Thanks guys for the honour of being there to take your wedding photos – it was an absolute pleasure!