Ben + Christina | Summerland House Farm | Andrew Coates Wedding Artworks

Published by Hailey Casey on

We’ve been good friends with Christina for over 20 years and over many cups of coffee (perhaps a few glasses of wine) we’ve grown together and been a part of each other’s lives through many seasons.

Chris would read our children bedtime stories, she endured many random chats that our then 5 & 6 year old didn’t want to talk to their parents about, and give wisdom and insight that was always refreshing for the soul and mind.

When Chris moved to Northern NSW, our family was very sad to see her go. It was a stepping out from her roots to realise the full person she was growing into. Enter Ben – a kind hearted, farmer, single dad of 2, musician working in finance. When Chris first introduced him to our family, it was obvious this one was different to any previous suitors. Fast forward and we find ourselves at a wedding day which fulfilled so many dreams we had over the years!

After some very heavy rain leading up to the day, the planned location at Summerland House was adjusted to the Rotunda area. Andrew took photos while Letoya tried not to ugly cry during a beautiful ceremony involving heart, mind and spirit.

These guys are so in love and made Andrew’s job easy – just placing them in the right light and not really having to say much at all!

Then onto the reception with a very funny bridal party, lots of beautiful (and hilarious) speeches. Ben and Chris – you are amazing parents, amazing people and we were so honoured to be there at your wedding day!

Thank you – Andrew & Letoya

Location: Summerland House Farm https://www.summerlandhousefarm.com.au/