Ben + Catherine | Aberfeldy Farm and Barn | Andrew Coates Wedding Artworks

Published by Hailey Casey on

‘Joy’ that’s the word we would use to sum up Ben and Catherines wedding. From the people they surrounded themselves with to the guests they invited, joyfulness was central to them.

Ben and Catherine sectioned out time before their ceremony to pray together, Aberfeldy barn doors provided a spectacular backdrop for a moment that will resonate through their lifetime.

These guys had a special ceremony with their minister from their church marrying them and friends and family praying and singing over them.

During the formalities of Andrew photographing the family and friend photos I scoped Aberfeldy Farm & Barn for locations to take the bridal party for photos. Andrew and I were excited to use the field of yellow weeds at sunset, photographers and their aesthetics! But first, the long dry grass was calling us.

Ben and Catherine were so much fun to photograph and we found ourself ‘ooing and ahhing’ over so many of the photos we had taken.

We hope you guys love these as much as we do!

We pray you guys continue to have joy at the centre of your marriage.

Andrew and Hailey

Location : Aberfeldy Farm & Barn