Flair Marketing & PR Project | The Work from Home Series | Toowoomba Commercial Photography

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Working from home in the recent COVID-19 episode and Andrew’s family got a little stir crazy. So working with wife Letoya from Flair Marketing & PR juggling work with remote learning at home, we thought we’d pour our crazy energies into creative purpose with an expectation versus reality series.

This kind of project is one of Andrew’s favourite types to do – shooting over 12 images then combining it all into one spectacular composite image! We had a lot of fun coming up with what working from home can expect and then actually sometimes feel (& look) like! ?

Designated Workspace

Meal Planning

Planned Activities for the kids


Your Workspace

Paying Attention to your kids

Zoom Meeting Attire

Regular Routine

To all those parents and carers out there trying to home school and work from home and juggle all the other parts of life during COVID19 isolation and lock-down – we salute you, and WE ARE GONNA GET THROUGH THIS!