Steven & Ruth | Humeridge Church | Toowoomba Wedding

Published by Hailey Casey on

Steven and Ruth had been waiting for this day for a very long time! Their love story is so captivating it could be a movie!

Ruth is a family friend and so I was honored when she asked me to be her photographer. I had heard about Steven over the course of 5 years and was thrilled to be photographing their wedding. Amidst Covid there were a few date changes but these guys were adamant they were getting married, nothing would stop this union, not even time could keep them apart so no virus would be keeping them apart either!
Humeridge Church were able to provide a space in Toowoomba for Steven and Ruth to have their ceremony.

We headed to Queens Park for bridal party photos, it was overcast and made for a gorgeous sky.
The bridal party ensured they abided by Covid protocols by wearing masks (which coincidentally matched their colour scheme). These guys were so in love, it could be seen in the way they looked at each other and stole sweet moments between photos.

The reception was held at Hume Ridge Golf Club and were exceptional in providing a venue with high level service.

Ruth is smitten with her husband and Steven is infatuated with his wife and I am blessed to have witnessed these two come together as man and wife.

I pray you guys have abundant joy in everyday you are married.