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We’d met Michelle & Tyler a few times leading up to their day (once was when they were guests at a wedding we were photographing!) and knew they have a very calm and easy-going demeanour mixed with a wicked sense of humour – the best kind of people to hang out with on a wedding day!!

It was a cold, wet, wintery day for Tyler and Michelle’s big day, so the original plan of an outdoor ceremony changed to a an indoor one at the cosy Warwick St Chapel.

The weather was not going to dampen Michelle’s dream entrance with a horse-drawn carriage and despite a bit of wind, freezing temperatures and some drizzle, the girls made it from around the block in the roofless carriage!

There are always huddles at weddings with people catching up, today’s huddles though it was difficult to tell if they were for warmth or socialising! All present were so social and friendly – it was hard to tell!

A break in the rain meant we could get some photos of Michelle with her beloved horses while Tyler (not particularly a fan of horses) just stood off to the side admiring his new bride.

While we took some more photos in Toowoomba. Letoya headed on ahead to the reception venue – now known as Aberfeldy Farm & Barn, just on the outskirts of town, a family friend’s barn which had recently been transformed into a spectacularly beautiful and cosy reception venue!

The outside looked like a really modern new shed – the inside gave any venue a run for their money with all the work the owners had put into it just for Tyler and Michelle!
This was so representative of Tyler and Michelle’s wedding – they are lovely people who have beautiful community of family and friends around them. Thanks for having us along – we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you guys and your village! Andrew (& Letoya)

Ceremony Location: Warwick St Chapel

Reception Location: Aberfeldy Farm & Barn

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